Smoke & Fumes Collection Installations


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Souce Capture

1portable Source Capture of Machine Oil and Welding Smoke using Fume Extraction Arms, Portable Extraction Unit, and Air Cleaners.
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Power Plant — Large On-Floor Extraction Arm System

DSCN0147 Multiple welding fume and smoke extraction arms for large on-floor projects at a power plant.  Pulse jet cartridge dust collector.  System included thirteen arms and ducting system.
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Education Environment–Multiple Welding Table Workstations with Smoke Collection

1smoke3 Multiple welding table workstations. Industrial fume and smoke collector, backdraft hoods with side shields, ducting system.
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Fourteen-Foot Fume Extraction Arm System

1application Source Capture Welding Fume Extraction Arm.  Fourteen foot long arm, ten foot boom arm, 1.5 HP Direct Drive Fan.
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