Which collector do I need?

How do I know which dust collector system is best for me?
Identifying an appropriate dust collector or dust collection system is complicated when considering all the variables within a manufacturing environment, as well as any regulations that need to be followed.

A Filter Technologies sales representative will assist you with a complete evaluation of your needs. However, you can start by answering the questions below.

  1. Application and Dust Type? (see Application List)
    • Is your collector going to be located indoor or outdoor?
    • What is your contaminant–Dust, Mist, Fume?
  2. Additional Operation Considerations?
    • Hours per day your operation runs?
    • Existing system or preferred collector?
    • Estimated airflow to the collector (per CFM)?
    • Transfer points and ventilation?
    • Collection cycle continuous or intermittent?
    • Compressed air available (90 psi) to pulse clean filters?

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